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Welcome to loggerFactory Documentation

Construct Stream Handler and File Handler is so boring. loggerFactory include some commonly used logger out-of-the-box. You can create a super easy to use logger in minimal code.


import loggerFactory

# log to console
logger = loggerFactory.StreamOnlyLogger(rand_name=True)
logger.warning("Some thing wrong!")

# log to file
# if name is not specified, a random name will be assigned
logger = loggerFactory.SingleFileLogger(path="log.txt")
logger.error("Fatal Error!")

# file rotating
logger = loggerFactory.FileRotatingLogger(path="log.txt")

# time rotating
logger = loggerFactory.TimeRotatingLogger(path="log.txt")

Use color and indent to format your print:

import loggerFactory

logger = loggerFactory.BaseLogger()
logger.show_in_red("Hello", indent=0)
logger.show_in_blue("Hello", indent=1)
logger.show_in_yellow("Hello", indent=2)
logger.show_in_green("Hello", indent=3)
logger.show_in_cyan("Hello", indent=4)
logger.show_in_meganta("Hello", indent=5)

If you are using default log format %(asctime)s; %(levelname)-8s; %(message)s, a logfilter can help you search log info.


from loggerFactory import find

result = find("log.txt",
    level="debug", message="ValueError",
    time_lower=None, time_upper=None,


loggerFactory is released on PyPI, so all you need is:

$ pip install loggerFactory

To upgrade to latest version:

$ pip install --upgrade loggerFactory

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